This Week in Tech

Feb 3rd 2019

This Week in Tech 704

To the Woodshed With You!

Hosted by Leo Laporte
FaceTime Flaw, Apple Spanks Facebook and Google, Huawei Suspicions, FBI Wants Your DNA, and more.
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Category: News
  • How to Watch the Superbowl Commercials Without All That Annoying Football
  • Apple's Not So Horrible Quarterly Earnings
  • Facetime Flaw Dulls Apple's Privacy Shine
  • Apple Spanks Facebook and Google for Data Slurping
  • How Much Does Facebook Suck? 
  • Huawei's Tendrils
  • Family Tree DNA Gives FBI DNA Records
  • Japanese Govt Will Hack IoT Devices
  • SF to Ban Law Enforcement Facial Recognition
  • Spotify Wants to Buy Podcasters Gimlet for $200M
  • Americans Got 26.3 Billion Robocalls in 2018
  • Netflix vs Amazon = Quality vs Quantity

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