This Week in Tech

Sep 30th 2018

This Week in Tech 686

Older Than the Mini Jack

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Facebook breach, Elon’s costly tweet, Google turns 20, and more.
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Category: News
  • How to tell if your Facebook account is one of the 50 million that were hacked this week
  • Why the founder of Instagram left Facebook
  • "Funding secured" tweet costs Elon Musk his chairmanship and $40 million
  • Google turns 20
  • More leaks from Google's upcoming October 9th event
  • Amazon gives $1 million to Wikimedia
  • FCC fines robo-caller $37.5 million
  • Did you register to vote on Snapchat?
  • Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has a plan to fix the Internet

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