This Week in Tech

Aug 19th 2018

This Week in Tech 680

Hacky Hack Hack

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Elon's Twitter addiction, $1200 iPhone XS+, Movie Pass Fail, Pai's lie, and more.
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Category: News
  • Leave Elon alone! Tesla tumbles after Musk laments his "most difficult and painful year."
  • Google employees revolt over China rumors; town hall meeting shut down due to "kerfuffle" tweets.
  • Apple thinks that its headquarter buildings are worth 1/6th of an iPhone XS+.
  • Australian teen Hacky Hack Hacks Apple's main computer network.
  • MoviePass is failing miserably, but the French version is great!
  • Google clarifies how constantly it tracks your location.
  • US government wants to wiretap Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook is not responsible for news media's continued existence.
  • Ajit Pai finally admits to congress that the FCC wasn't hacked.
  • 10 nanometer transistors? Try 1/10th nanometer. German researchers develop a 1 atom transistor switch.

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