This Week in Tech

Jun 24th 2018

This Week in Tech 672

Meme the Queen

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Two HUGE Supreme Court decisions, Apple admits its keyboards suck, Europe's war on memes, and more.
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Category: News
  •  The US Supreme Court kills warrantless cell phone location fishing and okays state sales taxes on internet purchases.
  •  Apple offers refunds on MacBook butterfly keyboard repairs and wants to let you use your iPhone to unlock your car.
  •  Amazon wants to put Alexa in your hotel room, and everywhere else.
  •  Professional videogames are going mainstream, with huge stadiums and $100 million prizes.
  •  A proposed European Union copyright law will declare war on memes.
  •  IGTV is Instagram's attempt to jump on the online video bandwagon.
  •  Plus: transhumanism, Domino's as an infrastructure company, and IBM's new debate robot!

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