This Week in Tech

Jul 23rd 2006

This Week in Tech 63

Hey John

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Will AMD and ATI merge, did Paris Hilton hack Lindsay Lohan, and which will kill YouTube first: lawsuits or bandwidth bills. We answer these questions and more on this week's gripping episode of TWiT.
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Category: News

We explain why the AMD ATI merger is doomed, why YouTube must fail, and why Intel's very fast Core 2 chips are actually closer to Pentium III than Pentium 4.

  • AMD is rumored to purchase ATI for $5.5 billion.
  • Microsoft is to buy back $40 billion of its shares.
  • YouTube hits 100 million videos per day
  • YouTube's new policy states that "we own your content."
  • YouTube is being sued by the Los Angeles News Service over a video of Reginald Denny being hauled from his truck and beaten by a group of rioters.
  • Upload pretty much any audio/video content from Generation Y at Stickam.
  • Guba has a method to prevent pirated videos on their site.
  • Thinksecret thinks that Apple will do movie rentals soon.
  • Jason Calcanis wants to hire the top users from social networking sites to post on Netscape.
  • A speaker at HOPE was arrested by the FBI right before his speech.
  • It has been proven that an RFID chip can be easily cloned.
  • The Hak.5 season premiere will be on August 5th.
  • Google Earth users have found a 900mx700m patch in China which is a perfect scale model of a mountainous landscape.
  • Paris Hilton supposedly hacked Lindsay Lohan's Blackberry.
  • Yahoo stock fell 22% for its biggest one-day drop.
  • Yahoo Music is offering a Jessica Simpson song DRM-free for $1.99.
  • On the previous DL.TV, Brian Dexheimer stated that we may have terabyte hard drives by the end of 2006.
  • The hard drive's 50th anniversary is this September.
  • Here's Dvorak's flank steak recipe.

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