This Week in Tech

Jun 11th 2017

This Week in Tech 618

Snakes vs Alligators

Hosted by Jason Snell

WWDC 2017, Uber's Bad Week

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Category: News

Leo is out this week, so Jason Snell takes the reins. At WWDC this week, Apple announced their Amazon Echo killer, the HomePod. They also announced big updates to iOS 11, the 10.5" iPad Pro, and the (at least) $4999 iMac Pro. Catering to a slightly less spendy demographic, Amazon announced that it will offer lower priced Prime subscriptions to people on Government Assistance. Uber had (another) bad week - capped off with Eric Holder's report to the Uber board.

  • Mikah Sargent thinks Taylor Swift is fine.
  • Harry McCracken is on Team Katy.
  • Lisa Schmeiser has a blank space, baby, and she'll write your name.
  • Jason Snell has Katy Perry on the counter in his kitchen.

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