This Week in Tech

Apr 9th 2017

This Week in Tech 609

Strippers, JFK and Stalin

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple’s apology, YouTube TV, FAFSA flaw, tone-deaf Pepsi ad, serial commas and more.
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Category: News

Apple issues a mea culpa for the Mac Pro and promises a new model is on the way - just not this year. YouTube TV launches - it isn't perfect, but it may be the most promising over-the-top TV solution. Facebook launches a fund to fight fake news. Jeff Bezos is spending $1 billion a year of his own money on Blue Origin. XBox's Project Scorpio specs revealed. Is the Twitter outrage over Pepsi's new ad justified?

  • Harry McCracken loves the serial comma.
  • Iain Thomson insists that it should properly be called the Oxford comma.
  • Christina Warren is more annoyed by people who mix up "your" and "you're".

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