This Week in Tech

Mar 26th 2017

This Week in Tech 607

Ozark Puddin'

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Senate ends ISP Privacy Rules, Google ends SMS support, Turkish Crime Family hacks iCloud accounts, and more.
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Category: News

US Senate votes to end ISP privacy regulations. The "Turkish Crime Family" demand $100,000 in iTunes gift cards for iCloud hack. Android O needs a name. Supreme Court hears printer ink patent case. Tesla Model 3 is on the way. Samsung Galaxy S8's big announcement is coming this week. US and UK ban electronics bigger than a phone on flights from Middle Eastern countries by Middle Eastern carriers. Google screws up messaging - again.

  • Georgia Dow has two VR rooms in her house.
  • Rob Reid knows what music aliens like best.
  • Nathan Olivarez-Giles wants a car with a naturally aspirated engine.​​


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