This Week in Tech

Jan 22nd 2017

This Week in Tech 598

It's Probably Squirrels

Hosted by Leo Laporte

@POTUS transition, new FCC chair, Apple vs.Qualcomm, squirrels in the grid, and more.

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Category: News

Can Twitter be fixed? Will Trump's FCC Chairman pick be a boon or bane for tech? Is Apple still competitive? Could they compete against Netflix? Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion.  Samsung reveals that the Note 7 fires were caused by "irregular batteries." Zuckerberg for President? Matt Cutts resigns from Google. Assange reneges on extradition promise after Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted. Tesla Autopilot results in 40% drop in accidents. Don't use Meitu! United Airlines planes grounded by computer outage.

  • Iain Thompson thinks squirrels are the real threat.
  • Jason Calacanis' Inside Trump newsletter holds the President to his campaign promises
  • Father Robert Ballecer has a Hawaiian warning for Mark Zuckerberg
  • Leo Laporte wants his Powerwall already!

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