This Week in Tech

Dec 11th 2016

This Week in Tech 592

McAfee for Cyber

Hosted by Leo Laporte
End of the Note 7, Russian hackers, Amazon Go shopping, AirPods delayed, and more.
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Category: News

Samsung pushes out an "update" that kills the Note 7 once and for all - unless you're on Verizon. Tech heavyweights meet with Trump this week. CIA determines that Russians hacked the DNC and RNC. Amazon creates a cashierless store with Amazon Go. Why are the AirPods delayed? PewDiePie trolls us all. Wearables are dead.

  • Ed Bott talks about our post-fact era
  • Christina Warren shows off her Snapchat Spectacles
  • The top 10 YouTubers make Devindra Hardawar (and the rest of us) feel old

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