This Week in Tech

Oct 30th 2016

This Week in Tech 586

The AIs are Talking

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple and Microsoft announcements, Twitter kills Vine, Google AI creates its own encryption, AT&T/Time Warner $35 DirecTV Now, Uber's self-driving beer delivery.
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Category: News

Apple announces the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Microsoft announces the Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update, Twitter kills Vine and lays off almost 10% of its workforce, Google Home arriving next week, DirecTV Now gives 100 channels for $35, and Uber delivers 50,000 Budweisers with their Otto self-driving semi.

  • Leo wants to know - have Apple and Microsoft swapped brains?
  • Are we heading toward a world where you don't know which virtual assistant to ask what?
  • What is scarier: a self-driving beer truck or artificial intelligence that can talk to each other using unbreakable encryption

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