This Week in Tech

Oct 16th 2016

This Week in Tech 584

It's Not a Fact, but It Is Trending

Hosted by Leo Laporte
End of the Note 7, Google Assistant, Facebook’s Workplace, Yahoo insecurity, and more.
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Category: News

The Note 7 is officially dead - Samsung stops production and the CPSC issues an official recall. Will Google's new Pixel Phones benefit? Is Google Assistant going to be a big draw? Also, Facebook tries to take over the enterprise with Workplace. Fallout from the Yahoo hack and surveilance debacle - Verizon may back out of their purchase deal. And nobody wants to buy Twitter at all. What would it take to make Twitter a functional business?

  • Leo and Nate are mad at Yahoo and Marissa Mayer for keeping their hack secret for so long
  • Nate and Mike both wrote interesting articles about Google's new fact checking labels - how do you survive in an post-fact world?
  • Ben Thompson has a simple solution for fixing Twitter: just fire everyone.

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