This Week in Tech

Nov 2nd 2014

This Week in Tech 482

The Microsoft Shackle

Hosted by Leo Laporte
CurrentC hack, set-top choices, AT&T and Verizon's 'perma-cookies,' and more.
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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Christopher Breen, and Rafe Needleman Apple Pay rival CurrentC gets hacked, Apple confirms decline in iTunes music sales, Amazon announces Fire TV Stick, Andy Rubin is leaving Google, Fitbit announces new wearables, Microsoft unveils a fitness band, HP to enter the 3D printer market, the end of the plasma TV, how Verizon and AT&T's ‘Perma-Cookie' is tracking your mobile web activity, and more. Download or subscribe to this show at For additional show notes, visit Also, check out our transcripts. Bandwidth for This Week in Tech is provided by Cachefly. Running time: 1:50:19