This Week in Tech

Oct 28th 2007

This Week in Tech 119

Eschew Pretense

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple releases a big cat, Microsoft buys into Facebook, and why Oink did nothing wrong, just illegal...
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Category: News

0:52 – Introduction to our hosts: Leo Laporte; John C. Dvorak; Don Reisinger and with a sleepy Will Harris to join later? Did John slam Don for a "crazy thing he wrote last week?" :)

2:23 – Blu ray/hd-dvd war, does anyone care anymore?

2:38 – No random access to audio content!? Hooray for show notes! Quest for the minion…solved ;)

3:43 – Baby talk, congratulations all round.

5:22 – Apple's Leopard goes on sale. Discussions about the new 64bit OS, including workspaces, with applications assigned to a space, and performance comparisons. John says "get a mac!", is it time for you to get one?

12:38 – 250,000 iPhones were never activated, hmm… unlocked maybe? Apples $$ per month deal with AT&T.

16:34 – Apple and Microsoft stock at new highs. Microsoft to become a new Google? The Independent (UK) warns schools to "not buy Microsoft software". Are Microsoft's winning days over?

20:08 – Sports time with Leo, John and Don :)

22:30 – ...back to Microsoft, xbox making money for the first time ever. If Microsoft is getting one thing right, its gaming and the xbox. Xbox 360 arcade, game or hardware wii competitor??

25:33 – USA tops the list of spam offending countries 28.4% Russian Viagra sellers killed...

27.38 – Will Harris joins our gallant crew. Quick revisit of Leopard and Microsoft topics.

30:30 - Google adds imap to gmail, but only for some.

35:01 - 7 more years with no Internet tax.

35:43 - The end of the FCC protected independent ISPs?

37:51 - oink, the invite only file sharing site has been shut down, and the owner prosecuted. Pirate bay doesn't miss a beat and takes over, renaming it boink. IRC and newsgroup music sharing discussed. Record companies to sell singles on usb keys in the UK...good idea??

48:12 - Microsoft buys a stake in facebook, bringing the company value to $15bn, but for how long? Also where has yahoo gone?

54:51 - A new Leo voice!!

56:30 - Apple declining cashfor iPhones (also gift cards), in a very un-Apple move. Books about Steve Jobs.

1:03:49 - Sprint settles a class action lawsuit allowing customers to transfer their phone.

1:08:50 - Crysis demo for the pc. Johns still waiting for Duke Nukem Forever ... :) A little classic console vs pc debate.

1:12:08 - Verizon settles for $1 million for users who were wrongfully disconnected from an "unlimited" service.

1:17:02 - NBC hulu video download service...why the move from iTunes? where are our office and heroes episodes?