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Aug 26th 2007

This Week in Tech 111


Hosted by Leo Laporte
Details of the iPhone hacks, the Nano cease & desist, and the game of the year...
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Category: News

Details of the iPhone hacks, the Nano cease & desist, and the game of the year...

  • Ryan has unlocked his iPhone using a software method from
  • A second iPhone software unlocking method was supposed to be released Saturday between 12 and 2 PM EDT, but it has been indefinitely by AT&T.
  • Apple sent a cease-and-desist letter to a site called to take down a picture of an allegedly upcoming iPod Nano.
  • AT&T has ditched their "fewest dropped calls" ad campaign.
  • AT&T has also dropped itemized billing.
  • Skype is saying that a Windows Update computer reboots triggered their outage.
  • A writer on BroadbandReports poses the question whether the Skype outage was caused by government monitoring.
  • Though the PS3 gained momentum, the Wii still tops in sales.
  • says 1.3 million account records were stolen.
  • Google has launched the first Youtube advertisements.
  • Nikon has announced their D3 camera: a full-frame SLR.
  • SoundExchange has dropped their DRM requirement, but webcasters still oppose the new deal.
  • Wal-Mart is selling DRM-free music.
  • Flash now supports H.264 encoding.
  • An ex-administrator of EliteTorrents is being forced to run Windows as part of his sentence.
  • Paramount abandoned Blu-Ray, and it caused Michael Bay to pull out of Transformers 2. However, a couple days later, he apparently drank the Kool-Aid.
  • Apple laptops have driven a transformation in PC sales.
  • Comcast is denying any BitTorrent packet throttling.
  • Twitter has gotten some exclusivity with the MTV VMAs.