This Week in Space

Dec 15th 2023

This Week in Space 91

2023 Holiday Special!

Hosted by Rod Pyle, Tariq Malik

The Year in Review With Leonard David

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Guests: Leonard David
Category: News

This holiday special episode of This Week in Space covers a wide range of space topics from 2023, including asteroid sample return, China’s space achievements, commercial lunar landers, Mars sample return challenges, UFO disclosure, and more.


  • The asteroid Bennu sample return mission delivers intriguing early findings, including organic molecules and “cauliflower” textured particles that may provide insights into the early solar system.
  • Speculative ideas on “dark life” forming from dark matter shortly after the Big Bang prompts discussion on expanding definitions of life.
  • Congress orders UFO records released within 25 years but allows military to withhold information threatening national security, disappointing those seeking full disclosure.

Main Topic: The Year in Review

  • Recap of major SpaceX milestones in 2023 with Falcon 9 reuse and Starship testing advances, though the lunar landing variant and orbital refueling still need work.
  • India bounces back from previous lunar landing failure with successful Chandrayaan-3 orbiter and Pragyan rover mission.
  • Mars sample return mission faces criticism for ballooning costs now exceeding $11 billion and delays pushing to 2030 or beyond.
  • OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return hailed as a major success story for 2023 despite minor parachute issue on re-entry.
  • Psyche and Lucy asteroid missions yield early surprises on unique asteroid properties.
  • China’s 2023 space achievements and future plans make it a program to watch with possible Mars sample returns, an increased pace of lunar landings, and more... maybe even sample sharing with the US!
  • ULA readies new Vulcan Centaur rocket for a January launch — it's a critical path to the moon with the first commercial lunar lander onboard.
  • Artemis delays provide cover for missing elements like SpaceX's lunar lander, orbital refueling tests, and lunar surface EVA suits.
  • Guest Leonard David covers latest intrigue around government UFO briefings and disclosure efforts.

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