This Week in Space

Apr 1st 2022

This Week in Space 5

Just Regular Folks in Space

Hosted by Rod Pyle, Tariq Malik
Axiom Space, Launch of AX-1, First All-Private Crew to ISS
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Category: News

On this episode of "This Week in Space," we're seeing busy times at the Kennedy Space Center! Axiom Space is set for the first launch of an all-private crew to the International Space Station from Pad 39A, the Space Launch System is testing over on Pad 39B, and SpaceX's Crew 4 mission is set to depart Pad 39A soon thereafter. Axiom's all-private flight to the ISS comes just two years after the first SpaceX crew launch to the station—and Axiom is also working on modules for the first all-private space station. Also, Hubble spies the most distant star ever, the Mars Helicopter aces another record-setting flight, and Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford tutors NASA on cooperation in space with Russia.

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