This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

May 1st 2024

This Week in Google 766

Area Man Buys Onion

Alphabet Hits 2 Trillion, DJI Ban, FCC Fines

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Category: News
  • Google is building a fart button into Android
  • The Rabbit R1 is loosely based on Android after all
  • Alphabet Leaps Into $2 Trillion Club as Results Show AI Strength
  • Google plans $3 billion data center investment in Indiana, Virginia
  • Google cuts hundreds of 'Core' workers, moves jobs to India, Mexico
  • Google workers fired for protesting Israeli contract file NLRB complaint
  • Meet the powerful tech insiders behind the push to ban TikTok
  • A Chinese Firm Is America’s Favorite Drone Maker. Except in Washington.
  • FCC fines AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon nearly $200 million for illegally sharing location data
  • The FCC just doled out big privacy fines. It could soon lose that power.
  • Supreme Court Rejects Musk’s ‘Twitter Sitter’ Appeal in SEC Win
  • Twilio Founder Jeff Lawson Has Some Serious Plans for The Onion
  • Lawsuits test Tesla claim that drivers are solely responsible for crashes
  • Musk Wins China’s Backing for Tesla’s Driver-Assistance Service
  • Elizabeth Spiers: That Strange Piece of Metal Origami Embodies All Elon Musk’s Flaws
  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles and public policy team
  • Supreme Court declines to block Texas pornography restriction
  • Bruce Perens proposes draft Post-Open Zero Cost License
  • Remember that Sora balloon video?
  • From Baby Talk to Baby A.I.
  • Related: Yann LeCun & AI as 4-year-old
  • Is history repeating itself? I have concerns.
  • The Cheyenne Supercomputer is going for a fraction of its list price at auction right now

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