This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Apr 17th 2024

This Week in Google 764

Cow Magnets

Atlas Evolved, Humane AI Pin, Panic-as-a-Business

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Category: News
  • Craig Newmark the Pigeon Man / more AI Music
  • Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot goes electric
  • Marques Brownlee calls the Humane AI pin “the worst product I’ve ever reviewed.”
  • limitless ai
  • Maria Cantwell wants a privacy law. She’s been one of its biggest obstacles.
  • Experts Provide Early Analysis of the American Privacy Rights Act
  • Unclear Protections in the American Privacy Rights Act Not Worth Broad Preemption
  • Google tests stopping news links in California because of CJPA
  • Whoops! Computer error leads to wrong couple getting divorced
  • Hey, Paris: How Neopets’ nostalgic revival tripled users in six months
  • Amazon virtually kills efforts to develop Alexa Skills, disappointing dozens
  • Panic-as-a-Business is Expanding
  • Crypto Trader Searched Web for ‘Fraud’ Before $110 Million Haul
  • ‘Eat the future, pay with your face’: my dystopian trip to an AI burger joint
  • Ready for a Chatbot Version of Your Favorite Instagram Influencers?
  • Prophet Song
  • Strands, the superior NYT game
  • Cow magnets
  • Vinod Khosla's tech-determinist TED wet dream

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