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Mar 27th 2024

This Week in Google 761

Exploring the World of Stretch Pants

Collective AI, Vinyl Sales

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Category: News
  • Daniel Kahneman, Who Plumbed the Psychology of Economics, Dies at 90
  • Andrew Huberman's Mechanisms of Control
  • Bill Maher to Launch Podcast Network
  • Vinyl records outsell CDs for the second year running
  • AI news that's fit to print
  • How Google uses AI to improve global flood forecasting
  • Elon Musk requires ‘FSD’ demo for every prospective Tesla buyer in North America
  • 8 Google Employees Invented Modern AI. Here’s the Inside Story
  • BBC develops AI plans and talks to Big Tech over archives access
  • Dozens of Top Scientists Sign Effort to Prevent A.I. Bioweapons
  • Collective AI' expected to resemble Star Trek's Borg — only nicer (hopefully)
  • Microsoft’s new era of AI PCs will need a Copilot key, says Intel
  • Microsoft Agreed to Pay Inflection $650 Million While Hiring Its Staff
  • Scientists turn to AI to make beer taste even better
  • Vernor Vinge, father of the tech singularity, has died at age 79
  • Here’s why AI search engines really can’t kill Google
  • Instagram co-founders’ AI-powered news app Artifact may not be shutting down after all
  • Intercept sues OpenAI not on copyright but on DMCA
  • Google Chat rolling out voice messages for Workspace
  • Gemini in Google Messages beta rolling out for some
  • Google's newest office has AI designers toiling in a Wi-Fi desert
  • General Motors Quits Sharing Driving Behavior With Data Brokers
  • Critics of the TikTok Bill Are Missing the Point
  • MIT Claims Superconducting Breakthrough Means Fusion Power Can Be Practical
  • [Exclusive] Google Pixel 9 design revealed through 5K renders; will launch alongside Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL
  • Shine by Sunshine on the App Store
  • Good by David Kaye on the risks of internet regulation
  • Ron DeSantis signs bill requiring parental consent for kids under 16 to hold social media accounts
  • Tennessee Adopts ELVIS Act, Protecting Artists’ Voices From AI Impersonation
  • Apple's Journal app
  • The fish doorbell
  • ‘Beyond our wildest dreams’: How the Forward removed its paywall – and generated 37% more revenue
    New Google NY office has foot-washing station
  • Sign o' the Times: Brooklyn apartment building to include podcast studio

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