This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Feb 28th 2024

This Week in Google 757

They're Made of Meat!

Rollable phone, Bitcoin ETF, AT&T Outage

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Category: News
  • Gemini and Google’s Culture
  • Klarna says its OpenAI virtual assistant does the work of 700 humans
  • OpenAI says New York Times 'hacked' ChatGPT to build copyright lawsuit
  • Tyler Perry halts $800m studio expansion after being shocked by AI
  • Kids left disappointed by Willy Wonka theme park grift
  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin sued over a plane crash that killed two pilots last year
  • MWC 2024: Motorola’s Rollable Concept phone laughs at your silly foldable
  • Peering through Lenovo’s transparent laptop into a sci-fi future
  • Samsung unveils the Galaxy Ring as a way to 'simplify everyday wellness'
  • The Humane AI Pin worked better than I expected — until it didn’t
  • New bitcoin spot ETF trading volume sets daily record, besting launch day
  • Supreme Court Arguments on Social Media Laws Are Scrutinized
  • Nevada sues to deny kids access to Meta's Messenger encryption
  • Third Time’s a Charm — Lunar Library Successfully Lands on the Moon — Backup of Human Civilization Will Last for Up To Billions of Years.
  • AT&T is giving customers a bill credit following massive outage
  • Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT
  • Jensen Huang, CEO of #Nvidia, argues that we should stop saying kids should learn to code.
  • Doomsters write another letter
  • Wear OS is revamping notifications to improve battery life
  • Google brings Gemini to Messages and adds AI text summaries for Android Auto
  • Chrome’s new AI feature can help you write on the web
  • Meta Wants Llama 3 to Handle Contentious Questions as Google Grapples With Gemini Backlash
  • Google Maps is finally making glanceable directions widely available
  • Some Kind of Heaven
  • Mom's first VR

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