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Feb 7th 2024

This Week in Google 754

Guerrilla Gardening

Amazon's Rufus, Bluesky Opens, Toothbrush DDoS?

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Category: News
  • Apple vision pro talk
  • Your phone isn't listening to you: The myth and its origins
  • Bluesky Opens Up
  • Taylor Swift joins Elon Musk in trying to silence student who tracks celebrity jets
  • UMG Pulls it's music out of TikTok
  • The unlikely 3 million electric toothbrush DDoS attack
  • YouTube TV Number of Subscribers Revealed in Neal Mohan Letter
  • ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery to form sports streaming service venture
  • Blazing Saddles 50th bday
  • Google Bard to become 'Gemini' on February 7 with Android app
  • Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’
  • Microsoft in deal with Semafor to create news stories with aid of AI chatbot
  • Amazon debuts ‘Rufus,’ an AI shopping assistant in its mobile app
  • Did You Use ChatGPT On Your School Apps? These Words May Tip Them Off
  • AI trained on a baby’s experiences yields clues to how we learn language
  • Elon Musk Almost Sold Tesla To Google for $11 Billion
  • TikTok's grammy
  • TikTok: Call the Raclette police
  • wkrp | Aw Phooey
  • ASCII Theater
  • This impromtu Punxsutawney Phil musical on TikTok!!
  • The rebuttal duet
  • Pew social stats
  • NYT 1985: "laptops are a small niche market, not a mass market.

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