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Jan 3rd 2024

This Week in Google 749

A Well Regulated Jart Team

NYT vs. OpenAI, Google Incognito, Tunnel Girl

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Category: News
  • NYTimes sues OpenAI
  • How OpenAI could recreate Times quotes
  • OpenAI’s annualized revenue reportedly tops $1.6B
  • As Assistant with Bard inches toward launch, here's its UI in action
  • Podcast police
  • TikToker ‘Tunnel Girl’ ordered to stop viral digging project under Virginia home
  • Apps will now be reporting your earnings to tax authorities
  • The Internet Is About to Get Weird Again
  • Seattle’s Zulily will ‘wind down’ its business and liquidate its assets
  • Google agrees to settle Chrome incognito mode class action lawsuit
  • Driverless cars immune from traffic tickets in California under current laws
  • How Campbell Soup Turned New Jersey Into a Tomato-Growing State
  • A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless.
  • How Not to Be Stupid About AI, With Yann LeCun
  • FTC Continues To Wade Into Copyright Issues In AI Without Understanding Anything
  • Amazon plans to make its own hydrogen to power vehicles
  • Value of X has fallen 71% since purchase by Musk and name change from Twitter
  • Dave Karpf from Wired's 30th birthday bash
  • Don't forget to wish every horse in the northern hemisphere happy birthday
  • The online Failure Museum
  • A letter of recommendation for Medieval Times
  • Gen Alpha

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