This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Oct 11th 2023

This Week in Google 737


Google's Sonos Victory, Search Modification, California Right-to-Repair, Adobe MAX

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Guests: Cathy Gellis
Category: News
  • Google’s "enshittification" memos
  • A Note From WIRED Leadership
  • Moonlighting comes to Hulu... starring Jeff Jarvis!
  • Elon Musk’s X Strips Article Headlines on Shared Links
  • Did Elon Musk Endorse Biden, Come Out as Transgender and Die of Suicide?
  • Elon Musk Is Personally Undermining X’s Efforts to Curb Israel-Hamas War Disinformation
  • Sure, There’s Disinfo On ExTwitter, But The EU Should Not Be Demanding Censorship
  • Alexa says the 2020 election was stolen. What does it mean for 2024?
  • The Journalist and the Fallen Billionaire
  • The fraud was in the code
  • Newsom signs bill that would make it easier to delete online personal
  • Google is already bringing back the software features it removed because of Sonos' lawsuit
  • Right-to-repair is now the law in California
  • Meta Is Paying Creators Millions for AI Chatbots
  • Google Will Drop Claim That YouTube TV Is ‘$600 Less Than Cable’ After Charter Complaint to Advertising Board
  • Zuzalu: From a hacker house to a hacker resort
  • I Gave ChatGPT an IQ Test. Here’s What I Discovered
  • Google rolls out Pixel Buds Pro 5.9 update with Conversation Detection
  • Google Meet brings 1080p streaming to group calls
  • Google Accounts will prompt users at login to set up passkey
  • Google bringing Flood Hub forecasts to the US
  • Google Fi ‘upgrade’ takes $400 off Pixel 8 Pro with no trade-in
  • Adobe MAX: Adobe Unveils the Future of Creativity and AI at Adobe MAX 2023

  • Cathy - Restoration of Notre Dame
  • Jeff - Video of Unsupervised
  • Ant - How to Read a Defense | A Guide to the Basics of Football Coverage

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