This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Oct 4th 2023

This Week in Google 736

Socks on the Beach

Pixel 8, Chromebook Plus, paid social media, what happened to Masterclass?

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Guests: Paris Martineau
Category: News
  • Google's Pixel hardware event and new devices
  • Debate over adding AI to search functions - risks to accuracy?
  • Laws challenging social media's First Amendment rights
  • Movies released on TikTok by studios
  • High production costs of Masterclass
  • Streaming vs DVDs and the shrinking open web
  • Spotify's attempts to expand beyond music in audiobooks
  • Amazon's algorithms manipulating prices
  • Supreme Court case involving copyright of legal search tools
  • Paywalls and closed platforms replacing the open web
  • Pushback against heroic tech biographies and access journalism
  • Impacts of inexpensive screens and cameras everywhere
  • Testing social media subscription models
  • Using AI to create realistic fake photos and videos

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