This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Aug 2nd 2023

This Week in Google 727

Blame It On The Osso Buco

Canada link tax, incandescant light bulb, AI music generation

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Guests: Glenn Fleishman
Category: News
  • Shift Happens is about to ship!
  • Meta starts blocking news in Canada over law on paying publishers.
  • Hollywood’s Pain Is YouTube’s Advertising Gain.
  • The buttons on Zenith’s original ‘clicker’ remote were a mechanical marvel.
  • Facebook's ad business recovers from Apple's attack; watch out TV.
  • A view from DC: Adtech is built on a privacy fault line.
  • Meta Offers to Seek Consent for Highly Personalized Ads in Europe.
  • Family of Henrietta Lacks settles lawsuit over use of immortal cell line.
  • Uber Investors Ought to Look at the Big Picture.
  • An Internet Veteran’s Guide to Not Being Scared of Technology.
  • The incandescent light bulb still isn’t dead — but ‘normal’ ones are now truly banned.
  • We visited three Worldcoin orb locations since its July launch.
  • Kenya suspends Sam Altman’s eyeball-scanning crypto project.
  • Point of no return: Australians fight for the right to work from home permanently.
  • China to Cut Internet Access to Minors.
  • Twitter Gives Verified Users Option to Hide Checkmark of Shame.
  • Google delists AI Test Kitchen app on Android and iOS.
  • Meta’s new AI model can create sounds that are technically music.
  • Movie extras worry they'll be replaced by AI. Hollywood is already doing body scans : NPR.
  • AI can detect breast cancer as well as radiologists, study finds.
  • Scientists race to test claimed room-temperature superconductor.
  • Superconductor Breakthrough Findings Replicated, Twice, in Preliminary Testing.
  • Johnny Cash sings ""Barbie Girl"" (A.I.) - YouTube.
  • Google Releases Nearby Share for Windows.
  • YouTube TV price drops temporarily for new users.
  • ChromeOS could split out browser updates this month.
  • 4 new Chrome mobile features to quickly find information.
  • Google’s generative search feature now shows related videos and images.
  • Android will now warn about unknown Bluetooth trackers, like AirTag, traveling with you.
  • Post Malone Buys Lord Of The Rings Card Worth Over $2 Million.
  • The Boring Company will dig a 68-mile tunnel network under Las Vegas.
  • My First Ankle Monitor (fake but fun). 


  • Glenn - Removal of airline change fees + airline apps.
  • Jeff - Facebook surpasses 3 billion monthly active users.
  • Jeff - Content Moderation’s Legalism Problem.
  • Ant - Order Prints From Joe Akbrud.

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