This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

May 24th 2023

This Week in Google 717

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Chris' hashtag story, DeSantis Twitter Spaces FAIL, Neeva next steps

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Category: News
  • Chris Messina talks about the birth of the hashtag. 
  • Why did Chris leave Twitter? 
  • What is Chris doing in AI right now? 
  • DeSantis Picked Twitter Spaces to Announce His Run. 
  • Next Steps for Neeva. 
  • Ford reverses course and decides to keep AM radio on its vehicles. 
  • Jack Dorsey shares Robert F. Kennedy Jr. video echoing conspiracy theories. 
  • Mourning the state of Twitter. 
  • Social Media is a ‘Profound Risk’ to Youth, Surgeon General Warns. 
  • TikTok sues Montana over law banning the app. 
  • Instagram's New App Could Be Here By June. 
  • Google reaches $39.9 million privacy settlement with Washington state. 
  • Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules. 
  • Are you sad that Google+ didn't survive? 
  • Where do you stand on the quote-tweet controversy? 
  • Technical issues plague Ron DeSantis’s presidential announcement on Twitter. 
  • It’s the 140th Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  • New Biden FCC Commissioner Nominee Is Lawyer Anna Gomez. 
  • Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright infringement case. 
  • Supreme Court Leaves 230 Alone For Now, But Justice Thomas Gives A Pretty Good Explanation For Why It Exists In The First Place. 
  • I tried the AI novel-writing tool everyone hates, and it’s better than I expected. 
  • Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn. 
  • Drag Your GAN: Interactive Point-based Manipulation on the Generative Image Manifold. 
  • Meta’s new AI models can recognize and produce speech for more than 1,000 languages. 
  • Adobe adds its Firefly AI image generator to Photoshop. 
  • Verified Twitter Accounts Spread AI-Generated Hoax of Pentagon Explosion. 
  • An A.I.-Generated Spoof Rattles the Markets.


  • Chris - Arc has a big launch tomorrow... 
  • Leo - Google Bard adds images for more visual responses. 
  • Mike - Three new tools attempt to fix news. 
  • Jeff - USC Optical Sound Effects Library.

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