This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Apr 5th 2023

This Week in Google 710

Jexx Javros

Google Cost Cutting, Pixel Tablet

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Guests: Glenn Fleishman
Category: News
  • Google closing some micro kitchens
  • Google issuing Chromebooks to employees as part of cost-cutting measures
  • Google Drive Imposes 5 Million Item Cap, Even if You Have Storage Space Left
  • Google Rescinds 5 Million Item Limit on Drive
  • Lawmakers are clueless about social media. They’ll regulate it anyway
  • Bloomberg builds its own LLM, trained on financial data
  • Three things everyone’s getting wrong about AI
  • Midjourney Ends Its Free Trial After Fake Images Go Viral
  • AI guys are the new crypto guys
  • Meta releases AI model that can identify items within images
  • Amazon just opened up its Sidewalk network for anyone to build connected gadgets on
  • Ding Dong. Live Audio is dying. Remember Clubhouse?
  • After disrupting businesses, Google Drive’s secret file cap is dead for now.
  • Google launches ads transparency center.
  • Google Search gets new travel features, including a ‘price guarantee’ tool for flights.
  • Google Pixel Tablet arrives at FCC, revealing UWB connectivity
  • YouTube channel pages add a dedicated ‘Podcasts’ tab
  • The Google Now Launcher is fully shutting down 10 years later
  • Google is trying to make sure apps let you delete your account


  • Ant's Picks: Pull UP
  • Ant's Pick: Have a Laugh
  • Jeff's Pick: Companies young people hope to work at
  • Jeff's Pick: Tech layoff numbers
  • Glenn's Pick: AirTag combination lock carabiner: Raptic Link& Lock
  • Mikah's Pick: Nite Ize Keyrack, Carabiner Key Chain

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