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Mar 8th 2023

This Week in Google 706

What's This Dot Here?

Facebook AI model leak,YouTube swearing rules, Google IO 2023

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Category: News
  • Worker asks Elon Musk on Twitter: Have I been fired?
  • FTC Twitter Investigation Sought Elon Musk’s Internal Communications, Journalist Names.
  • Olauncher. Minimal AF Launcher.
  • YouTubers can swear at the start of videos again without getting demonetized.
  • Gigi Sohn, Biden FCC nominee withdraws, following bruising lobbying battle.
  • ‘Slavery was wrong’ and 5 other things some educators won’t teach anymore.
  • Google I/O 2023 takes place on May 10.
  • Facebook's Powerful Large Language Model Leaks Online.
  • How AI Generates New Images: GANs Put Simply.
  • The privacy loophole in your doorbell.
  • Rest of World receives a $200,000 grant from Ford Foundation to expand coverage of how tech is impacting workers.
  • Fitbit is getting rid of the best reasons to use a Fitbit, which is a big mistake.
  • Florida bill would require bloggers who write about the governor to register with the state.
  • Biden's national cybersecurity strategy advocates tech regulation, and software liability reform.
  • A New ‘M*A*S*H’ Scene: Written by ChatGPT, Read by Hawkeye and B.J.
  • 20% of YCombinator classes are built on machine learning.
  • ChatGPT enters slack; the machine plays office politics.
  • Prepare for the Textpocalypse by Matthew Kirschenbaum.
  • Farewell to a tech brand of which I’ll always be proud. Vox Media is “retiring the Recode branding” today.
  • CNET editor-in-chief Connie Guglielmo steps down for AI-generated content role.
  • March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop changelog leaks out.
  • Google rolling out Android 14 Developer Preview 2.
  • Blurry subway photos may offer our latest Pixel Fold leak.
  • Here’s everything new in Android 14 Developer Preview 2 [Gallery].
  • Google begins rolling out its new look for Docs and other Workspace apps.
  • Google One brings VPN to $1.99/month plan, adding dark web info monitoring.
  • Pixel Buds Pro spatial audio with head tracking update rolling out.
  • Android 15’s dessert is apparently ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’.
  • Google launches the new Google Trends portal.
  • Google Chrome is making it easier to delete autofill data.


  • Stacey - COVID
  • Leo - Opal C1
  • Leo - Camo
  • Jeff - The New Gatekeepers by Benedict Evans.
  • Ant - Peak Design TRAVEL BACKPACK 45L.
  • Ant - FINALLY coming to "TV". Silo series based on books by Hugh Howey.

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