This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Dec 7th 2022

This Week in Google 693

The Best Part is the Grease

ChatGPT demo, Twitter HQ bedrooms, Neuralink animal abuse, TikTok best of the year, ChromeOS 108

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Category: News
  • The founder of Craigslist on giving away his money, whether billionaires should exist, and why so many of our plutocrats lose their mind.
  • S.F. officials investigating allegedly illegal bedrooms at Twitter HQ, as Elon Musk criticizes Mayor Breed.
  • Sam Altman: "ChatGPT launched on wednesday. today it crossed 1 million users!"
  • Jailbreaking ChatGPT on Release Day - by Zvi Mowshowitz.
  • I asked GPTchat to write about folding T-shirts in the style of Malcolm Gladwell.
  • AI Homework.
  • Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge.
  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink Is Under Federal Investigation for Animal Abuse.
  • Google shuts down Duplex on the Web, its attempt to bring AI smarts to retail sites and more.
  • Google Faces Pressure in Hong Kong Over Search Results for National Anthem.
  • Open Source Hospital Price Transparency.
  • The Supreme Court battle for Section 230 has begun.
  • Online safety bill returns to parliament after five-month delay.
  • "Org charts" comic by Manu Cornet.
  • A Twitter software engineer who created cartoons poking fun at his own company says he was fired because he's a 'troublemaker'.
  • “I thought I’d been hacked. It turned out I’d been fired”: tales of a Twitter engineer.
  • Apple is adding end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups.
  • TikTok Is Sued by State of Indiana, Accused of Targeting Young Teens With Adult Content.
  • TikTok Shares the Top Clips, Creators and Trends in the App for 2022.
  • Corn Kid Is Doing Just Fine.
  • Microsoft Eyes ‘Super App’ to Break Apple and Google’s Hold on Mobile Search.
  • NASA Awards $57M Contract to Build Roads on the Moon.
  • Pantone's 2023 color of the year is 'Viva Magenta'.
  • Leo plays with ChatGPT.
  • Google Search brings continuous scrolling to desktop.
  • Google will show you suggested keywords right under the search bar.
  • Chrome ‘@’ shortcuts search tabs, bookmarks, and history right from the address bar.
  • ChromeOS 108: Files app Trash can, touchscreen keyboard redesign, more.
  • Google Photos will get worse at estimating your photo locations.
  • Google Messages starts rolling out group end-to-end encryption.
  • December Pixel Feature Drop has Clear Calling, a free VPN, and new Recorder tools for Google's latest phones.


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