This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Nov 2nd 2022

This Week in Google 688

Hundo Milo

Musk takes over Twitter, FCC says ban TikTok, Roblox virtual clothing class
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Category: News
  • Elon Musk is negotiating his new Twitter fees in real time with Stephen King.
  • Ad giant IPG advises brands to pause Twitter spending after Musk takeover.
  • Scoop: Musk team working to reboot Vine this year.
  • Twitter discontinues ad-free articles for Blue subscribers.
  • Welcome to hell, Elon.
  • Elon discovers micropayments. Sigh.
  • What kind of open networks are out there?
  • Pixelfed - Federated Image Sharing.
  • Interview: FCC commissioner says government should ban TikTok.
  • US curbs on microchips could throttle China’s ambitions and escalate the tech war.
  • Italy to ban 'illegal' raves following Modena party.
  • My tweet promoting our conversation with Rabble made Piers Morgan's show.
  • Google Hangouts is dead, half-baked RCS is not a replacement.
  • Roblox and Parsons School of Design are creating a digital fashion course.
  • Google acquires Twitter-backed AI avatar startup Alter for $100 million.
  • Amazon Music goes free for Prime members on Shuffle Mode.
  • Amazon makes staff cuts at Amp, the app it launched this year to 'reimagine radio'.
  • NASCAR: Ross Chastain's daring wall-riding move legal for now.
  • Google’s AI image model Imagen is getting a very limited public outing.
  • Google’s new prototype AI tool does the writing for you.
  • Google is discontinuing support for the standalone Street View app and pulling it from app stores.
  • Google One for Android gets slick homescreen redesign.
  • Google expands flood and wildfire tracking.
  • Google revamps Assistant parental controls and adds a kids' dictionary.
  • Google’s putting its Lens image search right on its home page.
  • Google Play Android games now available on PC in beta.
  • YouTube’s new Primetime Channels puts 34 streaming services in one place.
  • Google’s building package tracking right into your Gmail inbox.
  • How John Deere built its own cellular network for its factory.


  • Stacey - Google Nest Wifi 6E review.
  • Jeff - Twitter co-founder Dorsey holding onto stake in company.
  • Jeff - Mastodon Patreon.
  • Jeff - Infinite conversation.
  • Ant - Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 Announced.
  • Ant - Daniel Suarez's Critical Mass book is available.
  • Ant - Family bragging moment: 20-Year Streak Broken.
  • Ant - Thank you Press Democrat.

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