This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Oct 26th 2022

This Week in Google 687

Rabble Rousing

Inside Planetary and Scuttlebutt, Mr. Beast, Shutterstock AI imagery, Chief TWiT

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Category: News
  • Interview with Rabble.
  • How Odeo turned into Twitter.
  • What did Rabble do before Odeo?
  • What did Rabble learn at TXTmob that came over to Twitter?
  • Why Jaiku was so cool.
  • What did Rabble work on at Yahoo from Uruguay?
  • What was the core mistake of Friendster?
  • What is the Scuttlebutt protocol and how does it work with Planetary?
  • How does Rabble feel about Bluesky?
  • What should I be able to export from Twitter right now?
  • What's coming soon on Planetary and Scuttlebutt?
  • Elon Musk dubs himself ‘Chief Twit,’ visits Twitter HQ with deal set to close.
  • Do you worry about taking money for Planetary?
  • Some use cases for how to use Planetary.
  • Goodbye to Rabble.
  • Musk Tells Bankers He Plans to Close Twitter Deal on Friday.
  • Spotify Wants to Get Into Audiobooks but Says Apple Is in the Way.
  • Shutterstock will start selling AI-generated stock imagery with help from OpenAI.
  • Study: Playing lots of video games may benefit kids' brains.
  • The Wire Retracts Its Meta Stories.
  • Why audio will never capture the hearts of social media users.
  • The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World Hardcover by Jonathan - Freedland.
  • Is MrBeast actually worth $1.5 billion?
  • Uber will show ads now. But don’t count on a lower fare.
  • Marco Arment: "Now my app’s product page shows gambling ads, which I’m really not OK with.
  • Republicans sue Google claiming spam filter blocks email.
  • Leo's Meta Quest Pro.
  • The Real Chief TWiT: Comfort Tee.
  • Texas Sues Google Over Use of Facial Images.
  • Google Home web app starts rolling out to view live Nest feeds, older cameras supported.
  • Google Maps has removed its COVID-19 layer.
  • Google is giving Workspace Individual subscribers a big storage bump.
  • YouTube’s new design makes it easier to fast-forward or rewind to the right part.
  • YouTube Premium is getting a price hike for family plans to $22.99/month.
  • Google Messages tests new design for delivered and read indicators.
  • New Google Messages and Contacts app icons rolling out, Phone left.
  • Rabble returns!


  • Rabble - Planetary
  • Jeff - 76% trust the technology sector
  • Rabble - Web3 is Self-Certifying
  • Leo - The Crypto Story

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