This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Sep 28th 2022

This Week in Google 683

Finnish Foliage

Douglas Rushkoff interview, AI powered turret, Amazon hardware event, NASA DART

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Category: News
  • Interview with Douglas Rushkoff.
  • How Rushkoff discovered the topic for his new book.
  • Survival of the Richest: The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind.
  • When Rushkoff decided to write the book.
  • How billionaires define "winning"
  • How do WE create a better future?
  • What is Rushkoff's manifesto?
  • What was Rushkoff's major?
  • Team Human is a podcast striving to amplify human connection.
  • Meta ordered to pay Voxer $175 million for violating live-streaming patents.
  • Bitcoin Rises 6.5 Percent as a Strong Dollar Sinks Other Currencies.
  • Meta Sued For Tap Dancing Around Apple’s New App Privacy Rules.
  • The OG App promises you an ad-free Instagram feed.
  • Chipotle is moving its tortilla robot to a real restaurant.
  • Israel Deploys AI Powered Turret in the West Bank.
  • No, There's No 'Ghost In The Machine' On Board American Airlines Aircraft.
  • Penpot inks $8M, as signups for its open source spin on Figma jump 5600% after Adobe’s $20B acquisition move.
  • Darth Vader’s Voice Emanated From War-Torn Ukraine.
  • DallE is open to all!
  • Help pick the cover of Jeff's book.
  • Amazon hardware event 2022.
  • What Did Axios Do?
  • Amazon launches a Kindle you can write on.
  • 10 biggest announcements from Google Search On 22.
  • LinkedIn Ran Social Experiments on 20 Million Users Over Five Years.
  • Chromecast with Google TV (HD) goes official for $29.99 with 1080p, HDR, 8GB storage.
  • Google discontinues its last traditional Chromecast, but software support will continue.
  • Chrome now lets you search your @history and @bookmarks from the address bar.
  • Google lays out Manifest V3’s 2023 transition timeline for Chrome extensions.
  • Here are all of the new features and updates coming to Google Maps.
  • Android Auto 8.2 beta begins rolling out, tweaks dock of ‘Coolwalk’ redesign.
  • NASA’s DART Mission Hits Asteroid in First-Ever Planetary Defense Test.
  • Images show chunks DART took out of asteroid.


  • Leo - Rezmason/matrix: matrix (web-based green code rain, made with love).
  • Jeff - TikTok transparency report.
  • Jeff - Preorder The Gutenberg Parenthesis.
  • Ant - Osee Tech On-Camera Monitors.
  • Ant - Register for Adobe Max for FREE (Virtual).
  • Cool plank-bike video.
  • Let me out of the Dynamic Island!

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