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Aug 24th 2022

This Week in Google 678

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Twitter Security, Annie Leibovitz, AI Art

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Category: News
  • Former security chief claims Twitter buried ‘egregious deficiencies’
  • Masnick on Mudge & Musk
  • Who is Newton Minow?
  • Annie Leibovitz proves yet again: she can’t photograph Black women
  • AI Image Generators Compared Side-By-Side Reveals Stark Differences
  • A Tool That Monitors How Long Kids Are in the Bathroom Is Now in 1,000 American Schools
  • Facebook users reporting celebrity spam is flooding their feeds
  • Mark Zuckerberg responds to metaverse memes with a redesign
  • Do We All See Baby Mark Zuckerberg as Jesus in This 18th Century Sculpture?
  • YouTube removes video of Tesla fans using kids to test whether the carmaker's Full Self-Driving software stops for children
  • ‘BlackBerry’: Story of Doomed Smartphone Company Casts Jay Baruchel & Glenn Howerton, XYZ Films Boards Sales for TIFF
  • Sanas, the buzzy Bay Area startup that wants to make the world sound whiter
  • Taylor Lorenz: Niche internet micro-celebrities are taking over the internet
  • YouTube Podcast page
  • YouTube TV getting split screen mode and Shorts are coming to televisions
  • Apple Music 4.0 for Android now in beta with iOS 16 features and ‘Apple Classical’ mention
  • YouTube․com/podcasts go live as simple ‘Explore’ page
  • Google Docs update helps everyone stay on task
  • Instagram's next feature might be a copy of BeReal
  • Capitol Records Just Signed a Virtual Artist, FN MEKA. He Has Over 10 Million Followers On TikTok
  • Capitol Records “Severs Ties” With AI Rapper FN Meka, Apologizes To The Black Community
  • Why the once exciting smart home is now boring
  • Razorblade Tears
  • Will It Waffle?
  • Dash Waffle
  • Crikey to Lachlan: Come get us, and he does
  • Times explains it dark methods
  • Streaming surpasses both broadcast & cable viewing
  • I needed a Laugh. Thanks Adreana L
  • I needed a Laugh #2. Thanks Alonzo Boden (37:58)
  • Queen Pruitt's in a Musical

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