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Aug 3rd 2022

This Week in Google 675

The Quibi Button

The Quibi Button - Instagram reverts, CHIPS Act, Roku's button problem, Batgirl movie

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Category: News
  • Instagram walks back TikTok-style changes — Adam Mosseri explains why.
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri Need You All to Stop Being Big Babies.
  • Wrong number' text message scams are surging.
  • CHIPS Act clears Congress, ensuring $52 billion boost to US foundries.
  • FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications.
  • Twitter is raising the Blue subscription price from $2.99 to $4.99 monthly.
  • Roku has a problem — its buttons aren’t printing enough money.
  • FTC’s Lina Khan Overruled Staff to Sue Meta Over Virtual-Reality Deal (META).
  • Meta officially cuts funding for U.S. news publishers.
  • ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Moving From NBC To Peacock.
  • Peacock’s paid subscribers stayed flat at 13 million, losses widen to $467 million.
  • Lollipops Hustle on Amazon Costs Family Candy Business Millions.
  • I quit my job to buy and resell used books on Amazon. Now, I use my 6-figure income to travel the world.
  • Google Meet meets Duo Meet, with Meet in Duo but Duo isn’t going into Meet.
  • Google CEO to employees: Productivity and focus must improve.
  • Pixel Buds Pro get a demo area in NYC.
  • TikTok and the Fall of the Social-Media Giants.
  • A TikTok Music app could challenge Spotify and Apple.
  • Sandwich guy goes solo.
  • Gordon Ramsey judges cooking TikToks.
  • Ali Spagnola doorstop keyboard.
  • Ali Spagnola chiapet toilet.
  • Podcast Guests Are Paying Up to $50,000 to Appear on Popular Shows.
  • Investing in VeeFriends.
  • Pearson plans to sell its textbooks as NFTs.
  • GPT-3 writes Wikipedia's deletion report in the style of Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Google Search’s built-in timer has disappeared and no one’s saying why.
  • YouTube Music can now show 'Other performances'.
  • YouTube’s new tool lets creators turn their own videos into Shorts.
  • Google is switching your Gmail interface to this new look.
  • Google Meet meets Duo Meet, with Meet in Duo but Duo isn’t going into Meet.
  • Google Play Store takes aim at annoying game ads, copycat apps, and misinformation in new rules.
  • Google Play Store removes version numbers from Android app listings.
  • Netflix’s lawsuit against the ‘Bridgerton Musical’ could change online fandom.
  • The Hunt for Shelved $90 Million ‘Batgirl’ Movie Is On.


  • Jeff - ‘Please do not erase’: A treasured whiteboard at Boston Children’s Hospital has not been touched for 15 years.
  • Jeff - Werewolf erotica is the latest global gig work trend.
  • Ant - My Personal Best Has Been Beaten.
  • Ant - Stolen Gear: Help Rancho Cotate High Track Team.
  • Ant - Thank You Nichelle Nichols.

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