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Jun 29th 2022

This Week in Google 670

Stacey's a Spy!

Google Reacts to Roe v Wade Decision, Instagram AI, Netflix Ad Strategy
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Category: News
  • Tech companies already changing HR policies in response to landmark Roe v. Wade decision
  • Online Privacy Becomes Critical If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned
  • Here’s Google’s letter saying employees can relocate to states with abortion rights
  • Facebook says ‘incorrect enforcement’ removed posts on abortion pill access
  • Taco Bell's Latest Tostada Features a Giant Cheez-It
  • ADT Is Betting Google Can Drag It Into the Future
  • Instagram is testing an AI tool that verifies your age by scanning your face
  • Snapchat adds paid subscription with more features for power users
  • Google Proposes To Keep Campaign Messages Out of Spam
  • Reminiscing about Google Q
  • Meta, TikTok Could Face Civil Liability for Addicting Children in California
  • Ofcom numbersGoogle is encouraging all companies to introduce anonymous code review to remove bias in reviews
  • Google helps Workspace customers measure carbon footprint of use
  • Google is paying the Wikimedia Foundation for better access to information
  • Google’s new Chromebook features make it easier to connect to Android phones
  • Google Hangouts is shutting down in November
  • Gmail gets Material You web redesign and ‘Gmail-only’ view without Chat, Meet
  • Chrome for iOS is getting better protections against malicious sites
  • Nest Hub Max gets Fuchsia update in Preview Program
  • Fingerbot
  • Atari 50 Year Anniversary
  • Compound Pejoratives on Reddit
  • The Rise of the 0.5 Selfie
  • The Burger That Instagram Built
  • Maker of Bored Ape NFTs sues artist for profiting off ‘copycat’ images
  • The Accidental Media Critics of YouTube
  • Aero Quartet Video Recovery Service
  • Nikon Announces Budget-friendly Mirroless Z-30
  • June Egg Pan
  • Meta and Google’s hold on digital advertising loosens as TikTok and others gain share

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