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Jun 8th 2022

This Week in Google 667

Scuds Off the Bow of Sullivan

Twitter bots, NY Right to Repair, meme stock trading fix, USB-C in EU
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Category: News
  • Why Sheryl Sandberg Quit Facebook’s Meta.
  • In reversal, Twitter plans to comply with Musk’s demands for data.
  • Texas AG launches investigation against Twitter for allegedly misreporting fake bot accounts.
  • @TwitterBlue: Available now in Top Articles—a new way to find even more content you want to read: “People they follow" expands your results, showing the most-shared articles from the people you follow who they follow.
  • How San Francisco Became a Failed City.
  • New York state passes first-ever ‘right to repair’ law for electronics.
  • I Tried to Fix My iPhone Myself...Big Mistake.
  • We Tried Apple's iPhone Repair Program. You Shouldn't (Probably).
  • Right to disconnect: new law in effect in Ontario.
  • USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024’.
  • In meme stock trading fix, S.E.C. to preview new rules.
  • Rewriting Wall Street’s Rulebook.
  • Google Fi expands coverage on Pixel with Wi-Fi 'W+ network'.
  • Android 13 Inches Even Closer to Launch with Its Third Beta.
  • Android 12 Beta Program ends with QPR3, Pixel phones will automatically be unenrolled.
  • June’s Pixel Feature Drop: At a Glance flashlight & doorbell alerts, ‘pocket operator’ music maker.
  • Android Auto for Phone Screens is officially dying for everyone.
  • Pixel 6 Pro $100 off in first direct US Google Store discount.
  • Google Photos face grouping has a new retention policy, thanks to $100 million lawsuit.
  • Taco Bell of the Future!
  • DALL-E 2 generates images of Kermit The Frog in various films.
  • High-School Start Times Are Still Too Early for Teens.
  • Time for digital detox.
  • Twitter world leaders policy: What changed?
  • Nothing will reveal its first phone on July 12th.
  • Apple's Passkey Replaces Passwords With iPhone and Mac Authentication.
  • New York Mayor Adams Prioritizes Crypto Hype Over Affordable Broadband.
  • Bird is laying off 23% of staff.
  • Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao calculates the record pi digit.
  • Friendlyjordies: John Barilaro to be paid $715,000 by Google over YouTube videos.
  • Trippiest tech glitch ever.


  • Ant - NCAA Track and Field Championship Begins
  • Ant - Turn Signl
  • Ant - Order a Print from Ant
  • Jeff - Oh, you must have met the Queen

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