This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

May 11th 2022

This Week in Google 663

Bill of Attainder

Google IO, Hawley's copyright bill, Texas social media law, Keyboardio Atreus
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Guests: Mike Masnick
Category: News
  • Appeals court rules Texas social media law can proceed.
  • Elon Musk Has Got Content Moderation All Figured Out: Delete The “Wrong” And “Bad” Content, But Leave The Rest (And Reinstate Trump).
  • Elon Musk raises $7 billion in new funding for Twitter buyout.
  • What Free Speech? Elon Musk Endorses EU’s Highly Censorial Approach To Content Moderation; Which Twitter Has Spent Years Fighting.
  • Why Musk’s Twitter Bid Has Shaken Tesla Investors.
  • Google announces Pixel 6a powered by Tensor processor for $449.
  • Google gives us our first glimpse of the Pixel 7.
  • Google previews the Pixel Watch, coming this fall with Pixel 7.
  • The Pixel Tablet is coming in 2023.
  • Google Glass’s successor teased at I/O.
  • Google’s new ‘multisearch’ features hint towards an AR glasses future.
  • Google Maps bringing a new ‘immersive view’ of select cities, Live View’s AR for other apps.
  • TL;DR? Google Docs to Include Auto-Generated Summaries.
  • Google Adopts 10-Step Skin Tone Scale to Teach Diversity to Its AI.
  • AI Test Kitchen.
  • Tech giants lost more than $1 trillion in value in the last three trading days.
  • Google unveils new Results About You page, ecosystem-wide Google Account Safety Status.
  • Google will let you talk to Assistant on the Nest Hub Max just by looking at the screen.
  • RCS has over 500 million active users as Google digs at Apple yet again for ignoring the standard.
  • I/O pinball.
  • New EU rules would require chat apps to scan private messages for child abuse.
  • We need laws and regulations on data use and privacy.
  • The Information Age and the Printing Press: Looking Backward to See Ahead by James A. Dewar.
  • Why Are People Still Blaming Facebook For Australia’s Terrible News Linking Tax Law?
  • TikTok’s “Cacio E Pepe” Woman Cannot Catch A Break.
  • Ohio bill would ban Facebook, Twitter from "censoring" users.
  • The sound of a black hole.
  • Clubhouse closes an undisclosed $4B valuation Series C round, as tech giants’ clones circle.
  • This New Social App Is Boring, in a Good Way.
  • Bitcoin plummet continues, now at less than half its November high.
  • House where Facebook was created lists for $5.3M.
  • Meta’s first-ever retail store just opened in the Bay Area. Here’s what it’s like.
  • TikTok to surpass YouTube in US.
  • Josh Hawley Introduces Laughably Stupid Copyright Term Reduction Bill.
  • Taco Bell still life.


  • Mike - Keyboardio Atreus Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Jeff - El Salvador expected to default as Bitcoin plummets.
  • Jeff - The QWERTY Keyboard Is Tech’s Biggest Unsolved Mystery.
  • Ant - Incredible moment schoolgirl loses her shoe at the starting block, stops to put it back on, and still WINS 200m race with seconds to spare.
  • Ant - Congratulations to the hardheads.
  • Ant - Prep track and field stars shine at North Bay League championships.

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