This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Jan 12th 2022

This Week in Google 646

The Opposite of Long Covid

Web3, Google vs. Sonos, Samsung no-shows, worst of CES, Google Ripple

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Guests: Mike Elgan
Category: News
  • Taco Bell launches Taco Lover's Pass subscription nationwide with 30 days of tacos for $10.
  • You can safely ignore Web3 by Mike Elgan.
  • Web .0000012 by Jeff Jarvis.
  • My first impressions of web3 by Moxie Marlinspike.
  • Signal: New year, new CEO.
  • Casey Newton: How Signal is playing with fire w/untraceable financial transactions.
  • ‘Second time lucky?’ FTC’s case against Facebook can move forward, federal judge rules.
  • After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful.
  • Why Apple’s iMessage Is Winning: Teens Dread the Green Text Bubble.
  • Samsung no-showed on its major Exynos 2200 launch and won’t say why.
  • Samsung Electronics to Unveil Exynos 2200 AP on Launch Day of Galaxy 22.
  • Cat on a hot satellite dish: Elon Musk’s Starlink antenna hits surprise problem.
  • Why is Zynga worth a whopping $12.7 billion? (Hint: It’s not FarmVille).
  • 500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining.
  • Wordle - A daily word game.
  • Google loses Sonos patent case, starts stripping functionality from speakers.
  • An open letter to YouTube’s CEO from the world’s fact-checkers.
  • Worst of CES: Right-to-repair name and shames terrible tech.
  • Third-Party Software for Teslas Can Be Hacked, German Teen Says.
  • E3 shifts to online-only event because of Omicron concerns.
  • About 70 S.Korean attendees of U.S. tech show test positive for COVID-19.
  • US man claims his penis has shrunk due to rare Covid side effect.
  • When Axel Webber Was Rejected from Juilliard, TikTok Stepped In.
  • Marques Brownlee: My Pixel 6 Pro has slowly gotten so buggy since launch in October that I can no longer recommend it at $900.
  • Google rolling out Android 12L Beta 2 for Pixel phones.
  • Google details changes to Speaker Group controls & device setup following Sonos ruling.
  • Pixel Launcher ‘At a Glance’ widget gains doorbell camera previews, more.
  • Now you can learn what’s new in each Google Play system update for Android.
  • Google launches Ripple, an open standard that could bring tiny radars to Ford cars and more.
  • The Associated Press is starting its own NFT marketplace for photojournalism.
  • The Athletic: Good for the Times, a potential disaster for local news.
  • “Aw, screw it”: LAPD cops hunted Pokémon instead of responding to robbery.
  • We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want.


  • Mike - Chatterbox is the only smart speaker that meets EDUCATIONAL and PRIVACY standards
  • Jeff - Most populous time zone
  • Leo - Morgan Stanely out with quite the note on the idea of the mobile metaverse
  • Ant - A great time on Behind the Shot TV with Steve Brazill and Don Komarechka
  • Ant - #hardhead Modeled for Me and Jefferson Graham at Balmy Alley

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