This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jan 13th 2021

This Week in Google 594

Chastity Does Not Come Cheap

Tech reaction to DC insurrection, CES 2021, sea-shanty TikTok
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Guests: Mathew Ingram
Category: News
  • A look at Sea-shanty TikTok!
  • How Twitter, YouTube, Parler, Amazon, and AirBnB responded to DC insurrection
  • Jeff Jarvis talks about Parler and Trump on BBC
  • Angela Merkel does not agree with Twitter deplatforming Trump
  • Is Leo missing anything by not being on Twitter?
  • Mike Masnick weighs in on Twitter's Trump ban
  • The cybersecurity scenario from the DC riot is a nightmare
  • The Digital Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is just not the same
  • TCL shows off its rollable and scrollable prototypes
  • LG gives a release date for its rollable device
  • Razer unveils a smart mask that is quite innovative
  • Android Auto to gain wallpaper support
  • Guest Mode, aka Incognito Mode, is out on Assistant speakers
  • Google fixes a bug in its Android COVID-19 API
  • Google Meet now has a troubleshooting menu
  • YouTube includes a new hashtag section
  • Google Maps shows a 2020 Timeline update
  • Weber has acquired smart oven maker June
  • WhatsApp exodus leads to spike in users for Signal
  • Craig Newmark funds Commission on Information Disorder
  • Former Trump cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs hired by SolarWinds
  • Github fired an employee for warning co-workers about Nazis
  • Quibi sold for less than $100M to Roku


  • Mathew: My new favorite word
  • Jeff: $428b in shopping returns
  • Ant: Tourbox NEO

Photo by Kyle Mills on Unsplash

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