This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Nov 18th 2020

This Week in Google 586

Makeup As a Service

Google Pay, Fleets, L'Oreal Digital Makeup
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Google Pay, Fleets, L'Oreal Digital Makeup

  •  Nest outage takes out security cameras
  •  Fleets are Twitter's version of Snapchat's disappearing posts
  •  Say hello to the new Google Pay
  •  What is an Internet Bank?
  •  Google Photos is no longer free. Is this evil?
  •  Google is mysteriously uploading data
  •  Apple and Google are thinking about 6G
  •  L'Oreal introduces digital makeup
  •  The story of SAGE
  •  YouTube kills Rewind 2020
  •  What is your Zoom strategy for Thanksgiving?
  •  Amazon Pharmacy offers free prescriptions for Prime members
  •  Google Changelog: Barely Blue | TVA Solar Farms | Chimera | RIP Expeditions | Assistant Driving Mode | Tab Search
  •  The sound of the end of WW1


  • Picks of the Week
  •  Stacey's Thing: Ring Mailbox Sensor
  •  Jeff's Stuff: Masks fuel Etsy surge (via Ben)
  •  Ant's Stuff: Musicians Share How The Songs Happened

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