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Nov 4th 2020

This Week in Google 584

Halo Made Me Cry

Baby Shark, CA Props 22 & 24 Win Big
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Category: News

Baby Shark, CA Props 22 & 24 Win Big

  • Mississippi police pilot program to live-stream Ring doorbell cams
  • Baby Shark is the most viewed video on YouTube
  • Raspberry Pi 400 is a full computer with a keyboard
  • Google revenues up year-over-year
  • California Prop 22 passes - a big win for Uber and Lyft
  • The Calm app won election night
  • California Prop 24 passes - a big win for privacy advocates
  • Jack Dorsey keeps his job
  • Twitter and Facebook flag Trump's controversial election posts
  • DxOMark gives Pixel 5 camera 120 points
  • Google Changelog: Google One VPN | Pixel 5 Reverse Wireless Charging | Nest HVAC Sensor | RIP Play Music | Enhanced Voice Typing
  • Google's mobile driver's license proposal
  • Walmart kills inventory robots


  • Picks of the Week
  • Stacey's Thing: Amazon Halo
  • Stacey's Thing from last week: Whoop Fitness
  • Jeff's Stuff: Amazon buys Orange County Register printing plant for $63m--will tear it down
  • Jeff's Stuff 2: Alexis Ohanian recalls selling Reddit for $10m to my old boss
  • Jeff's Stuff 3: Xiaomi to build a factory to produce 10m phones a year without humans
  • Jeff's Stuff 4: Zoom has the happiest employees
  • Ant's Thing: Fund in the name of Chad Boseman for St Jude Children’s Research
  • Ant's Thing 2: Go Watch Hands-On Tech

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