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Sep 16th 2020

This Week in Google 577

But Can It Do Network Segmentation?

Facebook Smart Glasses, TikTok Saga, Nvidia Buys ARM

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Facebook Smart Glasses, TikTok Saga, Nvidia Buys ARM

  • Pixel 5, Chromecast, and Nest Homecoming September 30th
  • What is LaCrOS? Decoupling Chrome OS from the Chrome browser
  • Meet vs Zoom vs Skype: Which is better?
  • What people look like on Zoom vs what the rest of their room looks like
  • Nvidia buys ARM for $40 Billion
  • Google Fiber goes to 2Gbps
  • Facebook's AR smart glasses are Ray-Bans
  • Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook's only VR headset
  • Microsoft Duo Review - it's not a phone, it's a Smurface
  • The TikTok saga gets funnier by the minute - Trump says he may not sign the deal
  • Amazon opens 1000 local delivery hubs
  • Fitness+, Paramount+, TWiT+
  • Amazon is opening invite-only luxury stores
  • Kim Kardashian leaves Facebook and Instagram (for a day)
  • Amazon offering $1000 signing bonus
  • Stripe offers employees $20,000 to leave San Francisco and take a 10% pay cut
  • The newest American Girl Doll is an 80s girl Pac-Man champion
  • Google Changelog: Duo for Android TV | Meet 7x7 grid | Waze lane guidance | ChromeOS handwriting recognition | Google Advance Protection | Home 'presence sensing' | Duo screen sharing


  • Tips and Picks
  • Leo's Tools: Baratunde Thurston's new podcast "How to Citizen"
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Duty-Free inventor gives away $8 Billion
  • Stacey's Things: Firewalla Gold Review
  • Yonomi
  • Olisto
  • Jeff's Number: Bessemer releases its investment memos¬†for many companies: Twillio, Twitch, Pinterest, etc.
  • Ant's Stuff: What ZDNet Did For My Confidence

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