This Week in Google with Leo Laporte

Sep 9th 2020

This Week in Google 576


California is Burning, Android 11, Chip IoT Standard
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California is Burning, Android 11, Chip IoT Standard

  • California Fires: Götterdämmerung in real life
  • Android 11 Update - get all your messages in one place
  • Phone screens of the Future: Projectors and Glasses
  • Glob: Your phone will convey who you are to the world
  • Android 11 permissions auto reset
  • Leo tries not to lose his faith in technology
  • Chip: Apple, Amazon, and Google create an IoT standard
  • Playing Doom on a Pregnancy Test
  • Will Chip solve Leo's IoT Nightmare?
  • Steve Gibson's IoT security solution- trust nothing
  • IoT Security Cage Match!
  • NextDNS protects Leo from malware - Comcast does this as well
  • Google is tracking you and using that data to recommend you videos
  • YouTube's algorithm is better than Amazon's
  • The new emojis are here!
  • Yellow Pages rathole
  • If you need consent on YouTube, tweet about it
  • Stanford Cable TV News Analyser
  • Amazon bans foreign sales of plants
  • Amazon's fake reviews - use Fakespot
  • Amazon is the world's biggest pyramid scheme
  • Snowflake is the hot new company
  • Microsoft wins JEDI: Jeff Bezos is Sithed off
  • Should Woodward have saved the COVID tapes?
  • Google Changelog: Verified Calls | Carnac the Magnificent | Google Podcasts adds Cast button


  • Leo's Tool: Trader Joes Cacio e Pepe
  • Stacey's Thing: IFFFT Pro
  • Jeff's Number: The Sit-In - Harry Belafonte hosts the Tonight Show
  • Ant's Stuff: Clean HDMI-Out On Your Mobile Phone with Filmic Pro
  • Karsten's Mask: 3M TEKK Protection Full Face Respirator

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