This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jul 22nd 2020

This Week in Google 569

Lettuce Cats

Twitter hack fallout, Tesla's Austin Gigafactory, Softbank sells ARM to Nvidia?
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Category: News
  • Twitter hack fallout: some verified Twitter accounts are still down
  • Zuckerberg pinkie swears that he doesn't have a deal with Trump
  • Softbank wants to sell ARM - will Nvidia buy it?
  • Tesla's next gigafactory will be built in Austin
  • Twitter bans thousands of Q-Anon accounts
  • Google's camera wizard goes to Adobe
  • How Linotype worked
  • Canon EOS R5 review
  • FTC Facebook Antitrust Giphy drama
  • Eric Schmitt wants to start a university for artificial intelligence coders
  • Cisco's Indian caste system discrimination suit
  • EU voice assistant antitrust suit
  • Electric clocks in Europe are falling behind - time to mine bitcoin
  • Google Changelog: authenticated logos | Shoploop | Google Maps Bikeshare | Life in a Day
  • Smoked Queso recipe from Meat Church
  • Tik Tok might move to America

Picks of the Week:

  • Stacey's Thing: Camera mount for a telescope
  • Jeff's Numbers: Amazon is the #1 US Advertiser: $7b spent
  • Ant's Pick 1: Lexicon Valley Podcast
  • Ant's Pick 2: Trumpatine - Trump tweets read by Emperor Palpatine
  • Karsten's mask 1: Fiber Optic Light-Up Mask
  • Karsten's mask 2: 10 popular masks everyone is buying on Amazon
  • Karsten's mask 3: These “movie monsters” face masks are the coolest way to stay safe and support a good cause

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