This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jul 15th 2020

This Week in Google 568

Double Your Bitcoin

Twitter Hack, Amazon Dash Cart
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Category: News
  •  Elon Musk, Obama, BillGates, and other verified Twitter accounts hacked in bitcoin scam
  •  All verified Twitter accounts shut down
  •  Zoom debuts a $600 all-in-one videoconference device
  • Alabama is the only state not investigating Google for antitrust
  • Twitter partner Dataminr sold Black Lives Matter protest surveillance to police
  •  Facebook might ban political ads - is this a good idea?
  • Amazon shows off Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that automatically checks you out
  •  Google Ngram gets a huge upgrade
  •  Why Tik Tok is winning, and why it is dangerous
  •  US cyber attacked Russian trolls in 2018
  •  Google's ATAP invents a remote control for your smart home
  • Eric Schmitt's secret summer camp
  •  Apple wins $14.5 Billion Irish Tax battle on appeal
  •  Roman roads as a subway map
  •  The Google Changelog: Gmail integrates Meet, Chat, and Docs | Google Photos adds recent photos filter | Google Lens shortcut | Google Fit adds YouTube Playlists | 15 Years of Google Earth | Zoombombing protection for Google Meet


  •  Leo's Tool 1: WindowSwap
  • Leo's Tool 2: Leo's mask fitters arrived!
  •  Stacey's Thing: 9 Words Formed by Mistakes
  • Jeff's Number 1: Quibi lost 90% of free subscribers
  • Jeff's Number 2: Disney+ signups increased by 641% due to Hamilton
  •  Ant's Stuff: BTS Ant's COVID-19 Regs
  •  Karsten's Mask: Bluetooth-connected face mask that can record conversations, amplify the wearer’s voice, make phone calls, transcribe speech into texts and translate Japanese speech into 8 different languages.
  •  Leo's Mask: UVMask: Real-Time UV-C Filtration & Purification Face Mask
  •  Jeff's Mask: Martyn Percy shows off a mask by Cecilie Birk Dehli

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