This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jul 8th 2020

This Week in Google 567

He's Just Screaming in His Heart

Google IoT Summit, the Amazon Future, Education in the Covid Era
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Category: News
  • Google details its new "Works With Google" smart home program and IoT partners
  • Google briefly mentions its partnership with Apple and Amazon to develop a new IoT standard - details still to come
  • MacOS on Apple Silicon and Windows on ARM are both ARM implementations, but are they compatible? Will Windows be able to run on Macs?
  • Twitter stock goes crazy over the possibility that Twitter will add a subscription service
  • How will schools open in the fall?
  • Facebook's subscription service
  • The Bezos future: do we really want Amazon to take over everything so Jeff Bezos can send us to space?
  • Walmart will launch an Amazon Prime competitor later in July
  • Rethinking late-stage capitalism
  • Google Changelog: RIP Pixel 3a, Loon Internet in Kenya, traffic lights in Google Maps, Google Fiber in West Des Moines Iowa, Android 11 Beta 2, YouTube TV price hike
  • Tech titans vs journalists and writers vs social media: cultural aggression online
  • The mystery shopper who is leaving behind dozens of shopping carts has online merchants flummoxed
  • Japan bans screaming on rollercoasters
  • Fraunhover creates a new h.266 VVC codec to shrink video files even more - but Google won't use it
  • US might ban Tik Tok, Tik Tok leaves Hong Kong
  • Uber requires masks for drivers and riders
  • Gina Trapani was way ahead of her time: Wave and a revolution in document creation
  • Ghost kitchens: how Covid will change our culture and our parking lots
  • University of the People: how education will change in the future
  • Leo's Tool: Project Audio for GitHub
  • Stacey's Thing: Eufy Video Doorbell 2k
  • Jeff's Number: Ben Evans Slide 18: 40% of heterosexual couples met online
  • Karsten's Mask: Need a mask that works with FaceID? Order a custom mask of your lower face!

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