This Week in Google with Leo Laporte

Jul 1st 2020

This Week in Google 566

Thunderbolt and Lightning

Section 230 FAQ, Social Media Bans, CCPA
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Guests: Mike Masnick
Category: News
  • Section 230 FAQ, Social Media Bans, CCPA
  • What the F is Section 230?
  • US Senate waters down the EARN IT Act (but it still sucks), and more Section 230 news
  • Section 230: history repeats itself
  • Parler starts banning users
  • YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch ban accounts
  • What should Facebook do about content moderation?
  • Zuckerberg will meet with advertisers over ad boycotts
  • Twitch bans President Trump
  • Tik Tok is doing some super shady stuff; India bans it.
  • Buy the game developed by the CIA!
  • The first innocent person arrested using face recognition
  • All the ways police are using tech to track protestors
  • California Consumer Privacy Act now in force - here's what it means to you
  • Cook, Pichai, Bezos, and Zuckerberg meeting congress for anti-trust hearings
  • US Supreme Court rules that generic website names can be trademarked
  • Microsoft closes its retail stores
  • Who pivoted better, Netflix or Microsoft?
  • Google quires smart glasses company North
  • Watch TWiT's coverage of the Google's smart home event July 8th
  • YouTube TV raises its price to $65/month
  • Ant's Thing: Hand on Tech: SENNHEISER MKE 400 REVIEW - Shotgun Mic for DLSR/Mirrorless Cameras
  • Ant's Thing 2: Peck of the week
  • Jeff's Thing: Popup pods for a safe office
  • Jeff's Number: When it's cold outside, it's hot on Twitter
  • Mike's Stuff: Trust and Safety Professional Association
  • Mike's Stuff 2: Trust and Safety Foundation
  • Karsten's Mask: Techdirt's YouTube Takedown Mask

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