This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jul 1st 2020

This Week in Google 566

Thunderbolt and Lightning

Section 230 FAQ, Social Media Bans, CCPA
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Guests: Mike Masnick
Category: News
  • Section 230 FAQ, Social Media Bans, CCPA
  • What the F is Section 230?
  • US Senate waters down the EARN IT Act (but it still sucks), and more Section 230 news
  • Section 230: history repeats itself
  • Parler starts banning users
  • YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch ban accounts
  • What should Facebook do about content moderation?
  • Zuckerberg will meet with advertisers over ad boycotts
  • Twitch bans President Trump
  • Tik Tok is doing some super shady stuff; India bans it.
  • Buy the game developed by the CIA!
  • The first innocent person arrested using face recognition
  • All the ways police are using tech to track protestors
  • California Consumer Privacy Act now in force - here's what it means to you
  • Cook, Pichai, Bezos, and Zuckerberg meeting congress for anti-trust hearings
  • US Supreme Court rules that generic website names can be trademarked
  • Microsoft closes its retail stores
  • Who pivoted better, Netflix or Microsoft?
  • Google quires smart glasses company North
  • Watch TWiT's coverage of the Google's smart home event July 8th
  • YouTube TV raises its price to $65/month
  • Ant's Thing: Hand on Tech: SENNHEISER MKE 400 REVIEW - Shotgun Mic for DLSR/Mirrorless Cameras
  • Ant's Thing 2: Peck of the week
  • Jeff's Thing: Popup pods for a safe office
  • Jeff's Number: When it's cold outside, it's hot on Twitter
  • Mike's Stuff: Trust and Safety Professional Association
  • Mike's Stuff 2: Trust and Safety Foundation
  • Karsten's Mask: Techdirt's YouTube Takedown Mask

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