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Apr 15th 2020

This Week in Google 555

Soured on Sourdough

Apple & Google's Covid-19 Tracking: How It Works
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Apple & Google's COVID-19 Tracking: How It Works

  •  Google starts the ‘Journalism Emergency Relief Fund’ to support local news in the COVID era
  •  Haircuts in the coronavirus era
  •  Where can you get a coronavirus test?
  •  How to make sure the coronavirus news you are getting is true
  •  How Apple & Google's coronavirus contact tracing plan will work
  •  Taco Cabana is like Taco Bell, but with margaritas
  •  Google Classroom takes Italy schools online
  •  Google will build its own chips for Chromebooks and phones
  •  iPhone SE and iPad Magic Keyboard available now!
  •  Rating the celebrity Zoom calls
  •  The return of Karsten Cam!
  •  Tik Tok hits 1 billion, Quibi hits 1.7 million
  •  WHO releases tips app
  •  Verizon hits 800 million calls per day, internet traffic also way up

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