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Apr 1st 2020

This Week in Google 553

Denies Further Magnets

Best Zoom Backgrounds, April Fools is Canceled
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Best Zoom Backgrounds, April Fools Canceled!

  • Spiffing up your work from home video with Zoom, Prezi, and Sesame Street
  • Siva Vaidhyanathan wins Zoom backgrounds
  • Rating the media's work-from-home setups
  • What do we want the world to look like after coronavirus?
  • April Fools is canceled: Google forgoes its traditional April Fools jokes
  • What happened to Adrian Lamo? A TWiT true-crime podcast
  • Facebook pledges $100 Million for local news outlets hit by the coronavirus
  • Amazon fires strike organizer
  • Microsoft announces that they will keep their conferences virtual through 2021
  • Apple is the new Microsoft - Apple buys Dark Sky and shuts off Android app
  • Hangouts is staggering under load
  • A deep dive into how weather forecasting works in America
  • Google Drive folder structure will change in September
  • Wyze updates security cams so you can use them as webcams
  • How to set up your point-and-shoot camera as a webcam
  • Amazon and Walmart cut off Buzzfeed's affiliate marketing deals
  • Astrophysicist coronavirus inventor gets magnets stuck up nose

Picks of the Week

  • Leo's Tool: Zotero
  • Stacey's Thing: The Hidden Girl and The Paper Menagerie
  • Jeff's Numbers: Romance via drone

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